Five Underrated Paul Simon Songs |ADL| Jay Jasinski

Rhymin’ Simon has a wealth of goods songs. In fact, he’s been making great tunes since the late 50s, yet still turns out excellent, and well received, albums on a regular basis. As my favorite lyricists, Mr. Simon’s music will always hold a special place in my soul. Listening to ‘Graceland’ reminds me of summer in Michigan – taking the four hour drive north to Mackinac Island, crammed in a mini van with my family. Here are five songs you need to hear if you already have not.


5. Paranoia Blues (1972)

“Once I was down in Chinatown. I was eating some Lin’s Chow Fon. I happen to turn around, and when I looked, I see my Chow Fun’s gone.”

4. St. Judy’s Comet (1973)

“Won’t you run come see St. Judy’s Comet roll across the skies, and leave a spray of diamonds in its wake.”

3. Song About the Moon (1983)

“Because the heart will howl like a dog in the moonlight. And the heart can explode like a pistol on a June night.”

2. Patterns (Simon & Garfunkel (1966)

“My eyes can dimly see the pattern of my life, and the puzzle that is me.”

1. She Moves on (1990)

This song is incredible. The lyrics are some of the most sublime I’ve ever heard.

“Then I fall to my knees. I grow weak, I grow slack. As if she captured the breath of my voice in a bottle and I can’t catch it back.”



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