Top Ten Pink Floyd Songs | ADL | by Jay Jasinski

Cause There’s Chill Wind Blowing In My Soul

Okay, so this isn’t a definitive list of the top ten Pink Floyd songs, rather, it’s just a list of my top ten. I wouldn’t want to pull a Rolling Stone magazine and do something that obscene.

Pink Floyd Pink Floyd has drifted in and out of relevance throughout my life. Though I’m embarrassed to admit it, there was even a period in high school when I actually wanted to listen to Ummagumma. Anyways, I think the reason I’m always returning to Pink Floyd is for David Gilmour’s guitar. He plays the blues in a way that’s so different from anyone else. He’ll start a tune so light and ethereal, as the beginning bends of “Echoes,” then, in the same song, transform into something brutal and scary. When the band breaks into the “groove,” he counters it with the distorted cries of Satan himself – or herself, however you want to look at it.

Let me know what your favorites are.

10. One of These Days – Meddle (1971)

I prefer the album version to the live version. To put it simply, this song is insane.

Meddle - Pink floyd 9. Goodbye Blue Sky – The Wall (1979)

8. Don’t Leave Me Now – The Wall (1979)

7. Shine On Your Crazy Diamonds, Pts 1-9 – Wish You Were Here (1975)

6. Childhood’s End – Obscured by Clouds (1972)

5. Dogs – Animals (1977)

Pink Floyd 4. Astronomy Domine – The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967)

3. Wot’s…. Uh the Deal – Obscured by Clouds (1972)

2. Fat Old Sun – Atom Heart Mother (1970)

1. TIE: Us and Them – The Dark Side of the Moon (1973); Fearless – Meddle (1971)

tumblr_mx9nrfdRNC1s0hb75o1_r1_500I hope this is a controversial list. I’m trying to be more controversial.

Have a lovely weekend.


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