Free Movie Suggestion Friday: “Sonatine”

New Year, Same Resolutions

Like my subscription to The New Yorker – they make great coasters – I plan on renewing my resolutions this year. Was I unsuccessful? No,  just unfinished. It seems to me that resolution isn’t even the right word. Resolution means a solution to a conflict, which in some ways is what I seek, but for the most part what I need is just a “kick in the ass.” In fact, they should just call them New Year’s Kicks in the ass.

My lack of creative output isn’t a conflict, it’s just a deficiency of effort. That’s why my “resolution” of writing more, whether it be for this blog or other projects, is a continuation of last year’s “resolution.” Why do I want to write more? Well, for one I would like to be a better writer. I want people to read my writing and think, “How simple! How direct! How, dare I say, smart!” Good writing only happens as a result of hundreds of hours at the old keyboard, tossing the whole laptop in the small, metal wastebasket beside your desk every time you decide what you’re writing is rubbish. In other words, I need to write more for the sake of writing better. Secondly, I wish to write more because it’s good for the soul, and by soul I mean SEO.

Jokes aside, I really do wish for 2015 to be a creative year. I’m happiest when I’m creative, and that’s reason enough to pursue it with some fervor. That being said, if any of you – to be honest, I’m not sure whom I’m talking to – want to collaborate, I’m more than willing. You don’t have to be a writer; a photographer, painter, sculptor, etc. are all grounds for producing creative writing. Hell, I’ll even collaborate with an engineer – I know how much you all hate writing. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have an idea. Remember, no idea is too stupid, and if it is I’ll say I’m too busy.

Since this blog post is titled “Free Movie Suggestion Friday” I figure I should get to that. “Free Movie Suggestion Friday” is for the purpose of keeping my blog relevant and providing all five of you who read it with a movie to watch over the weekend. I’ll keep it brief.

Free Movie Suggestion Friday: “Sonatine” (1993) Directed by Takeshi Kitano

Takeshi Kitano is a Japanese filmmaker, actor, and apparently everything else (according to Wikipedia). He’s the kind of guy you want to know about if you’re serious about movies. This is my favorite of his films. It’s funny, unpretentious, and violent. It’s really not as obscure of a movie as it sounds, and shouldn’t be too hard to find. Enjoy.


The images above are from Recording Live From Somewhere.


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2 Responses to Free Movie Suggestion Friday: “Sonatine”

  1. Donna says:

    Count me as one of the “five…who read it”. And I’ll have you know that I’ve enjoyed every post, so there! Me being the spaz I am, managed to sort of delete my google+ account, but have added you back in.

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