4 Movies to Stream on Netflix | March

4 Movies Streaming on Netflix | March

I know, real original blog post, but if you’re anything like me then you’re in constant need of something new to watch. I’ve been all over the spectrum lately, since I’ve been having a hard time sleeping and sometimes blame what I’m watching on my insomnia. And it’s not like I’m watching something scary or upsetting. I even had a run at British pre-20th century period pieces, which are essentially the movie equivalent of a glass of warm milk and a bottle of melatonin. Don’t fear, none of the period pieces made this list.

I want to note that Netflix is really missing the mark on its top picks for Jay. To name a few: Fraiser, Muder She Wrote, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason, Foyle’s War. Don’t watch any of those, watch these:

1. The Verdict | Directed by Sidney Lumet | Starring Paul Newman

While reading Paul Newman quotes the other day, I happened upon one that discussed his dissatisfaction with his early acting. That seems normal, as most great artists are perfectionist, but I was still surprised. I’m biased, but I consider his early performances to be quite brilliant. Anyway, there’s no arguing his masterful performance in 1982s “The Verdict”is one of his best. For instance, there’s a scene where the defeated attorney, played by Newman, is waiting for an elevator he doesn’t realize is broken. That seems simple enough, but he turns it into a real metaphor for his situation: an attorney desperate for a case, struggling with the realization that, though it’s been a difficult stretch, the gig of his life still requires extra effort.

the-verdict-paul-newman    image via: cinefanias

2. This Property is Condemned | Directed by Sydney Pollack | Starring Robert Redford & Natalie Wood 

“This Property is Condemned”, based on a one act play by Tennessee Williams, isn’t a perfect movie, but it’s charming. To be honest, I’m not too sure if I followed the story ( I read that there was much confusion and frustration with the script, which was written by Francis Ford Coppola) and I found the cinematography a bit sloppy. So why am I suggesting you stream it on Netflix? Because the acting is honest and compelling. From my understanding, Natalie Wood was going through a rough time in her personal life, and you can see it in her eyes.

this-property-is-condemned   image via: trueclassics.net

3. The Source Family | Directed by Maria Demopoulos & Jodi Willie

The filmmakers do a fantastic job of setting the overall tone of the documentary by starting it with a troubling image of Father Yod, the spiritual leader of the “Aquarium Tribe” of the 1970s. This is a really bizarre story of what I consider the perversion of religion to take advantage of young, vulnerable men and women. At times it’s unbelievable, then I remember that this took place in Los Angeles. Though “The Master” is vaguely similar to this true story, I really want Paul Thomas Anderson to make Father Yod’s life into a movie.

the-source-family   image via: vice magazine

4. Heartburn | Directed by Mike Nichols | Starring Meryl Streep & Jack Nicholson

I didn’t like the story or the overall 80s cheesiness of it, yet it’s worth watching to see these two legends play a married couple. If you’re in the mood for a rom-com with good acting, this one’s for you.

Heartburn-meryl-streep  image via: awesomebmovies.com

Stream on, friends.


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