Spring Playlist | 2015

Some tunes for Spring

Springtime in Los Angeles doesn’t come with the hope and promise of warmer weather, since it’s been a steady 70-85 degrees, it comes with the promise of more enjoyable walks. Let me put it this way, it’s like not having enough time to give your kitchen a thorough cleaning, so you put some things away and spray lavender Febreeze. The sidewalks are still covered in God knows what and the lingering scent of carbon emissions won’t go away until we’re all driving Teslas, yet the spring flowers offer a pleasant, yet temporary, relief with their orange and jasmine aromas. It really is nice.

spring_playlist_musicSpeaking of pollution, Spring 2015 is off to an optimistic start thanks to a cut in emissions and the first major restrictions on fracking. To illustrate, “King Obama” is at it again with his tyrannical executive orders. The damage this time? The federal government must cut emissions 40% by 2025. It’s like the guy wants kids to be asthma-free. Doesn’t he know it builds character? Okay, that’s as political as I’ll get, since this is a Spring Playlist. It’s pretty eclectic, so hopefully you’ll find at least one tune to enjoy.

Spring Playlist

This is Tomorrow – Bryan Ferry

Tried so Hard – The Flying Burrito Brothers (grossly underrated song)

Honky Tonk Downstairs – Poco

You’re Still on My Mind – Byrds (one of the best album covers)


Train – Uncle Tupelo

The Right Place to Fade – Lindsey Buckingham

Here, There And Everywhere – Emmylou Harris

Unwind – Sonic Youth

Havalina – Pixies

One Life Stand – Hot Chip

The Green Grass Grows All Around – Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five

Te-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu – Slim Harpo

Wake Up (Reprise in the Sunshine) – Brand Nubian

Biko – Peter Gabriel



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My name is Jay Jasinski and I'm a freelance social media and content marketer based in Los Angeles, California. I'm also a writer with an interest in film, literature, and the environment.
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