June Playlist

A Playlist for June

Last Tuesday, Joe, Kyle, and I went for a “moonlight” hike at Malibu Creek State Park. The hike has been a favorite of ours, thanks to its remarkable views and Kyle’s diehard fascination with the show M.A.S.H – legend has it they filmed a few exterior shots there, and by legend has it I mean they did; there’s a sign that says so. Our mission was to see the full moon from a location that’s not adulterated by smog and light pollution. For reasons I can’t explain – I’m not a scientist -we couldn’t see the moon no matter how high in elevation we climbed.

jay_jasinski_blog_june_playlistAll in all, it was still a pleasant time. I watched the various warblers and finches buzz around catching bugs like some WWI dogfight. Joe and Kyle did a healthy amount of rock tossing. One of these rock tosses consisted of trying to hit the porta johns far below us. I was hoping they would hit their target, and we’d hear a faint “someone’s in here.”

June is a nice month. I don’t have much to say about it, but I will note that it’s a charming prologue to July, my second favorite month. I hope you find at least one song you enjoy in my playlist for June.

June Playlist

Isn’t it a Pity (Version One) – George Harrison

Jessamyn’s Reel – Chris Thile

Bon Ton Roulet – Clifton Chenier

Since I Met You Baby – Ivory Joe Hunter

No, No, No – Beirut

I’m in the Mood For Love – Bryan Ferry

Little Pad – The Beach Boys

Apur Sansar – Satyajit Ray

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow – Hazel Dickens

Levee – Daniel Bachman

On the Banks of Owchita – John Fahey

Henry Martin – Bert Jansch

Easy Living – Clifford Brown



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My name is Jay Jasinski and I'm a freelance social media and content marketer based in Los Angeles, California. I'm also a writer with an interest in film, literature, and the environment.
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