Books and Tea Guest Post: Henrik Saetre of Warm Leaves

Books and Tea by Henrik Saetre/Warm Leaves

It’s been months since I last posted on this blog, which is disappointing. I was on a roll for a while; then I convinced myself I was too busy to writing a few hundred words every couple of weeks. No one limits our potential more than ourselves.

Thankfully, a guest post appeared in my inbox, and I’m ready to shake the dust off this blog. Please enjoy Henrik’s thoughtful post and please expect more from me in the future. Hell, I might even make “write more” my New Year’s resolution.

Henrik Saetre/Warm Leaves

It is a special time for my fiancé and myself, because we have just launched our Kickstarter, after nine months of preparation. For me, this is my fourth entrepreneurial venture. So I asked Jay for the chance to share some of my thoughts in this crazy period, hoping that they may be of some value to you.


All I ask in return is that you do your best to enjoy this day, and believe in yourself.

Please Support Henrik’s Kickstarter!

Book and Tea Pairings for The New Year

Book: The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris

This is a book that opens your eyes to what is possible in our day and age.
Enjoy it, and seek the motivation for making your own way in this world.
Because through it, you get a step by step guide on how to start.


Tea: For this book, get your hands on a quality Nepalese black tea. Enjoy the unique fragrance and aromas from the Himalayas, and be inspired.

Book: The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman
With this book you learn how businesses actually work.
The systems and concepts that have stood the test of time.
And with it, you can deconstruct any company, and create any enterprise.
Armed with this knowledge, you can prepare for the marvellous challenges ahead.


Tea: Sit down with a golden coloured Taiwanese Oolong, and marvel at its beautiful flavour. Because just like there are different ways to build a business, there are many ways of creating the perfect Oolong.

Book: Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins
Entrepreneurship is tough. It is a constant struggle, for little reward.
Akin to a marathon, the reward is at the end.
And to reach it you need to take care of yourself, stay motivated, and keep growing.


Tea: Enjoy this with a wonderful cup of Japanese green tea, and leverage that energy in moving towards your dream.

Book: Mastery by Robert Greene

Failure can be hard.

So understanding that failure is essential to success is not always easy.
Only by going through the tough trials will you become skilled enough to succeed.
In Mastery, Robert Greene lays out for us the requirement for success.
So take the time to sit down and enjoy this book. And ask yourself if you have got what it takes.


Tea: Chinese Aged Pu-erh, because just like this tea is made better through time, so does your success demand determination and dedication.

Henrik and his fiancé are currently doing a Kickstarter campaign for Warm Leaves: An adventure through the world of loose leaf tea. This is a unique tea subscription box, because every month they explore tea from a different country. Check them out here, for special deals.

They would love your support, because this is an excellent opportunity to enrich your tea experience.

Just think, how often do you get to drink tea from Vietnam, Nepal, or Taiwan?

Have a book and tea pairing you’d like to share? Connect with me on Instagram and use #BooksAndTea or contact me at



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