Jay Jasinski – Social Media Marketing Expert

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog | Jay Jasinski –  Social Media Marketing Expert

Hi, my name is Jay Jasinski.  I’m a writer and marketer from Michigan who now lives in Los Angeles. I have over seven years of experience managing marketing and social media for various companies. Please email if you are interested in my marketing or content writing services: jayjasinski10@gmail.com.

If you enjoy tea, books, nature, and movies as much as I do, connect with me on Instagram (please ask permission to use my photos).

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2 Responses to Jay Jasinski – Social Media Marketing Expert

  1. Cate Hannum says:

    Hi Jay,

    I came across your blog today by way of instagram… and then I discovered you were a Spartan! I will be graduating from State in a few weeks with a degree in English Lit./Creative Writing. I am assuming you were an English major because you’re writer, but you know what they say about assuming. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed scrolling through and reading your blog.

    🙂 Cate

    • Hello Cate,

      Pleased to meet you. First off, I’m flattered you enjoyed my blog – yours is very chic and well-written. I actually majored in marketing, but I did receive an English minor in film studies. What are your plans after you graduate? As this is a difficult way to communicate, feel free to message me on Instagram.

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